We welcome Dr. Yana Bromberg, Dr. Nicola Mulder and Dr. Wolgang Huber as Keynote speakers!

  • Friday, July 23: Start: 8 UTC end: 14:25 UTC (Day 1)
  • Saturday, July 24: 14 UTC end: 20:50 UTC (Day 2)

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Friday, July 23th
Start End Event Title Presenter
8:00 8:30 Introduction
8:30 8:45 Oral presentation 1

Squidpy: a scalable framework for spatial single cell analysis

Giovanni Palla
8:45 9:00 Oral presentation 2 Computational classification of pathological stages of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma using DNA methylation Arsalan Riaz
09:00 09:10 Break
09:10 09:15 Flash talk poster - 1

Using a network-based approach to prioritize miRNAs with putative roles in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas (HNSCC)

Laiba Shah
09:15 09:20 Flash talk poster - 2

Data-driven identification of structural patterns associated with RNA binding in RNA Recognition Motif domains

Hrishikesh Dhondge
09:20 09:25 Flash talk poster - 3

Molecular Docking of Dantrolene and High-Throughput Screening for Novel Inhibitors of Ryanodine Receptor 2

Cemil Can Saylan
09:25 09:40 Sponsor time
09:40 09:55 Oral presentation 3

Homology Modelling and Structural Comparison of Three dimensional protein structures of selected variants of CYP3A4

Christianah Omotoso
09:55 10:10 Oral presentation 4

Network analysis of DEGs with putative roles in neuronal development under microgravity conditions

Quratulain Danish
10:10 10:40 Poster Panel Session & Networking
10:40 10:45 Flash talk poster - 4

Drug repositioning for Mucopolysaccharidoses based on systems biology data

Gerda Cristal Villalba Silva
10:45 10:50 Flash talk poster - 5 A framework to discover the genomic risks of Alzheimer's disease Grace Ko
10:50 10:55 Flash talk poster - 6

GeneCodis 4: Expanding the modular enrichment analysis to regulatory elements.

Adrian Garcia- Moreno
10:55 11:10 Oral presentation 5

StellarPGx: A Nextflow Pipeline for Calling Star Alleles in Cytochrome P450 Genes

David Twesigomwe
11:10 11:25 Oral presentation 6

The gut microbiota’s influence in the development of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Natasha Kitchin
11:25 12:10 Keynote talk 1

Doing great (in) computational biology- effective practices, open science, open source, and community

Dr. Wolfgang Huber
12:10 12:20 Break
12:20 13:05 RSGs Global Leadership Meeting
13:05 14:25 Social event


Saturday, July 24th
Start End Event Title Presenter
14:00 14:30 Introduction
14:30 14:45 Oral presentation 7

Fast approximate shortest hyperpaths for inferring pathways in cell signaling hypergraphs

Spencer Krieger
14:45 15:00 Oral presentation 8 Deep Learning Improves Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Using RNA- Based Variants Ali Al-Fatlawi
15:00 15:45 Keynote talk 2

Building capacity and resources to enable genomic medicine in Africa

Dr. Nicola Mulder
15:45 16:00 Break
16:00 16:05 Flash talk poster - 7

Evolutionary stability of receptor binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein

Brenda Carolina
Sanmiguel Mercado

16:05 16:10 Flash talk poster - 8

Prediction of cancer mutation states across multiple data modalities reveals the utility and redundancy of gene expression and DNA methylation

Jake Crawford
16:10 16:15 Flash talk poster - 9 Combining RNA and DNA short sequencing reads to assembly the mitochondrial genomes of flatworm parasites of fish Victor Hugo Caña Bozada
16:15 16:35 Sponsor time
16:35 16:50 Oral presentation 9

Causative variant prioritization from whole-exome sequencing patient data: a benchmarking of bioinformatics tools

Eva Tosco-Herrera
16:50 17:05 Oral presentation 10

Immunoinformatic selection of potential epitopes in Bordetella pertussis

Thalía Silvestre
17:05 17:50 Keynote talk 3 Decoding the DNA blueprints of molecular functionality Dr. Yana Bromberg
17:50 18:50 Poster Panel Session & Networking
18:50 18:55 Flash talk poster - 10

Reverse vaccination approach for the in silico design of a new vaccine candidate against dengue virus serotype 2 (DENV-2) and specific to the Peruvian population

Victor Cornejo
18:55 19:00 Flash talk poster - 11

Metabiome: a flexible and modular pipeline for metagenomic analysis

Cristian Grisales-Vargas
19:00 19:05 Flash talk poster - 12

Exploring the Interpretability of Neural Networks for Phenotype Classification: A Case Study in Human Kidney Cortex Cells

Thomas Chen
19:05 19:20 Oral presentation 11

Spatial-Temporal variability of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein and its effect in COVID-19 disease outbreaks

Cynthia Elizabeth Castillo-Silva
19:20 19:35 Oral presentation 12 Comprehensive virtual screening of 4.8k flavonoids reveals novel insights into allosteric inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 MPRO Gabriel Jiménez- Avalos
19:35 20:15 Closing words, awards